welcome at reneereijnders.nl!

Welcome on my new website. You can read what I am doing at the moment and read about projects I have done in the past.

news & updates:


water balloon tree / news

The film water ballon tree is ready. Check the film


ter laanian cats / news

Proudly to present the three cats. read more


wylde fugels / update

start building walls with bird mosaics for Joure


superfish / news

The fishearea in Den Helder has a SUPERFISH! Read more about the origin of the hero


keukenhof / news

I will be presenting 4 ceramic sculptures for keukenhof. on show here


garbage demon / news

Creating a garbage demon with children of Jetpur, India, check the process at this link


new ceramic works / tip!

A whole new series of ceramic sculptures. In October and November at Kunstuitleen Den Helder and in December at Galerie Sjer Jacobs.


superhero / tip!

A superhero for the fish area at Den Helder, project of Jantje Beton. I`m very busy with it.www.jantjebeton.nl


the manna factory /

The manna factory was shown at the Taste Explosions from 14 till 16 september. The installation moves when you approach. It`s made out of manna candy, speakers and cakeshapes. Watch the film here smaakexplosies


bubble-gum / update

Bubble-gum , a project of Merijn Hos and me is being posted on many blogs around the world. read more about the project


interstellar overdrive / update

Sketch design satellite dish installation, interstellar overdrive.


at the doctor's / news

I have worked on new dolls and animals together with Nanna Koekoek from Dutch Dolls for the exhibition ‘Do it yourself’. The installation at the doctor’s is semi-permanent.
More information can be found here


kerst & carry almere and lelystad / tip!

Kerst & Carry is so succesfull that we decided to expand the exhibition to two locations at the same time. One in Almere, the other at a new location in Lelystad which had to be totally refurbished!

Read more about the designers who sold their work.


spatial design / update

I have taught the last semester of 2011 at the HKU, spatial design. www.hku.nl


bread required? /

Building a city with different materials and different artists. My part was the bread part.
Watch the movie here

voor het wilde westen


scoto / tip!

Results of the mascotes made by the students of the amadeus lyceum can be seen here zien.


publication reclaiming the streets / news

We are nominated with our team ‘fun is awesome’ to design a skate object for the public space. These ideas are now presented in a book, our first publication.read more about our entry