cd (re)cycle

I am making a maze of 100.000 CD`s for festival Woest en Bijster. The landart can only be seen on 22 and 23 october in Bennekom.

You enter a fairytale world on the location Hartenseroad in Bennekom. The grass is scattered with cd`s radiating in the autumnlight. The installation does not move, but changes because of the natural light which looks different every hour of the day. The light is reflected and echo`s in all the colors of the rainbow.
You walk through the installation and experience how the space works around you an how the colors vibrate. The artwork is made in the shape of a maze. This gives an extra interactive element to the open space.
Click here for more information about the festival.
Special thanks to:
Mewa Plastics, for all the cd`s, Arjan Verschoor for installation,, Ellen Bouter for organisation,, Photography Tribe-Media, and all the volunteers for their aid to make the shape possible.

Images by Tribe-media