water balloon tree

dec 2012-january 2013

The stop motion can be seen at this link!

final image

getting water from the well

all the kids helped

shooting the ballons!

The stop motion can be seen at this link!

Water balloon tree mixes the rural and contemporary by designing a new non-existing space. My final work is a stop motion animation with the villagers all contributing their piece of art by adding one water balloon to the tree. Transformation of the growing artwork and daily life is shown in the stop motion. You can even see the farmer`s cow coming home through the gate and the villagers carrying water in their big round pots on their heads. In hindu religion Brahma creates but at the end it has to be destroyed by Shiva to make room for something new. Therefore I needed the help of many children to hang the balloons in the tree and destroy the art work at the end by smashing the water balloons. With no water on the starting day we can raise questions about limited water and energy resources in India.
Artist in Residence, Sowingseeds