christmas & carry 2008

22 november till 24 december 2008

exhibition christmas and carry

Dutch designers and artists sell their newest designs during this exhibition. This expo is the place to buy the best and sometimes most daring presents.

Artists and designers

Erica Hogenbirk • ManuManu • Carola Zee • Dutch Dolls • Marije Geursen • Ingrid de Lugt • Dare to be naked • Atti • Gwen Stok • Buzzworks • Anna Brecht • Klaartje Berkelmans • Etienne Reijnders • I have pop • Danielle Smits • Label 1382 • Gerard van den Berg • Made by Midas, Utrecht Ontwerpt • Niels en Sven • Keecie, Studio-83 • Mokka • Overtreders W • Birdy Nam Nam • Martijn Homan • Erik Fakkeldij • Tibor Benkhard• Lisa van Noorden • Inge Nouws en Mieke Driessen

Artwork from artist from Flevoland is available and for sale at our other exhibitionspace. Device here is what is sold gets a red frame on the wall where the artwork is ‘missing’. The more popular you are the more frames you get.
Exhibition is commisioned together with Tessa Haan.

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