fort europe

3 november till 30 december 2007

Fort Europe – presenting multiple versions of cultural identity

Fort Europa is an artproject where artists and audience are invited to research the current state of european culture. The project consists of exhibitions, a small filmfestival, lectures,website and workshops. The contestants of Fort Europe are being challenged to take their stand in the changing society, where identity and cultural differences are becoming more important. Commisioned together with Karin van der Molen.

Fort Europa is about cltural identity of ‘the’ european. Does this identety exist? And how can you shape this? Fort Europa investigates with the help of 16 international dutch artists. Artists who, as reversed crusaders of our time assault the fort that is calles Europe.
ligtering and derooij

Arif Algan • Isabel Ferrand • Christina Hallstrφm • Bente Hamel & Antonio Consilvio • Helana Klakocar • Ligteringen-DeRooij • Cindy Malon • Amandine Meunier • Mayumi Nakazaki • Nicole Segers • Maki Ueda • Stefan Yordanov • Lee Eun Young • Wu Zhi

The exhibition is centered at Corrosia, but is also seen in exhibitions and installations at ten different locations.

scentinstallation maki ueda
installation and image of christina hallstrom
installation bente hamel & antonio consilvio