street art

15 april tot 14 augustus 2011

The City 3D is an Exposition about city development in three parts: urban development , street art en visions of the future. The Exposition is devided over three seperate floors of Museum Hilversum. The middle floor gives an impression of all kinds of street art, like graffiti and extreme sports like free running, skating en BMX. You can see one big wallpainting of Erosie, sculptures of Delta, and action pictures of Rutger Pauw, a wanted photographer for international Magazines, Campains and Websites. Also Artwork of international Artists EVOL, Ryan Mc Ginness, screenprints of Banksy and Blek Le Rat, 3D-photo’s of Sebastian Denz. Concrete spraycans of the dutch Jurjen of I HAVE POP, impressions of ZEDZ and drawings of Marleen Leysen. Several films about extreme sports and international street art artists like, space invader, MOOSE etc.

Headcurator Imke Ruigrok, guestcurator Renée Reijnders, arrangement Rogier Martens and graphic design Johannes Verwoerd. website museum