the selection

16 june till 29 july 2007

exhibition the selection

In Flevoland were (till now) 500 shipwreck found from boats gulped down by the south sea long ago. In almere there are also shipwrecks who aren`t visible by the public. The municipality wants to visualise six of these historical places by placing a sculpture on them. This exhibitions gives an introduction of the selected artists for the project
visualisation shipwrecklocations.

Siemen Bolhuis (Almere 1956) • Vincent van Ginneke (Almere 1956) • Ellen Palsgraaf (Rotterdam 1970) • Simcha Roodenburg (1963) • Egon Schrama (Amsterdam) • Frans van der Ven (Almere 1955) • Nout Visser (Den Haag 1944)