curriculum vitae

  Curriculum Vitae
name Renée Françoise Josée Reijnders
born March 18 1974 Tegelen, the Netherlands
phone 0031 - 30 - 296 60 38
e-mail info-at-reneereijnders-dot-nl
website and
1992-94 Faculty of Fine Arts Utrecht (Bachelor)
Direction: Fine Arts
Specialisation: Printmaking
1994-98 Faculty of Fine Arts Utrecht (Bachelor)
Direction: Architectonic design and Interior design
Specialisation: Art in public space, Urban Design
1998-99 Faculty of Art, Media and Technology Hilversum (Bachelor)
Direction: Image and Media Technology
Specialisation: Animation
  Experience related to Art, Art in public space and Design:
1996 Traineeship in New Delhi, India at Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates: interior design, furniture, square at the public space, and working along with contractors
1997 International project Leidsche-Rijn: Design Concept Leidsche Rijn, with emphasis on art in the public space
2000-2002 Designer public space for Municipality Almere: Children and youth participation projects, Design several small squares, small restructurings
2001-2005 Design and delivery play-sculpture the crocodile and skatepark top 40 square, Muzenpark Almere
2001 Sketchdesign ‘De Vogel’, participation project with local youth to design a covering, de Velden, Almere Harbour
2002-2004 Public space design for Municipality Utrecht
  • Map of masterplan public space for the city center
  • Design conurbation train stations
  • Design bus stops Leidsche Rijn
  • Design of different Squares
  • Coulour palette and concept for temporary bus station
2003 Project proposal for Golden Horn, Istanbul, integral project organised by Mimar Sinan University and the urban design department Utrecht
2004 Sketchdesign parasitus graffiticus, outside furniture for Willem II College, Tilburg for Employer Foundation FAXX
2004 Project proposal shithouses for Municipality Tilburg
2005 Design and building Playground with Children of Kayisdagy in cooperation with Seçil Yaylal? and other artists at the International Biennial Istanbul as a parallel project
2005-2012 Projectmanager Artmarket Almere Harbour
2006 Article in magazine Stedelijk Interieur and magazine Light
2006 Delivery woe ha’s, for roundabout Esp, employer Municipality Eindhoven, transparant polyester ghosts named ‘woe’ and ‘ha’ who light up as you approach by foot, car or bicycle
2006-2009 Sketchdesign frontyard and sculptures for van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven still in process
2007 Delivery the waterspitters of woensXL for mall WoensXL, employer Municipality Eindhoven, Colourful fontain of two ceramic sculptures who spit to eachother when you walk in between
2005-2011 for CBK-Flevoland (website): Curator for Center of Arts Flevoland: organising and curating exhibitions with special attention on next exhibitions: Projectleader visualisation schipwrecklocations for Municipality of Almere: Writing the information to selection procedure of the artists, building applications, accompaniment, constructor, making papers for exemptionsprocedure till accompaniment of artists till the definitive design of their artpiece at the shipwrecklocation-Organisation and selection of the artists of the yearly art fair in Almere Harbour Organisation of the yearly thematical related festival, during the artfair
2008 Design reading chair ‘anansie’ for CBK-Utrecht
2008-2009 Designer for Municipality of Groningen on the regional tram, making the presentation drawings of the implementation of the tramways on regional and local level
2008 Five sketchdesigns for artfurniture twuyverhoek, Municipality of Langedijk
2008 – 09 Designer Public space, Regiotram Groningen
2009-2010 Start object for twuyverhoek, Municipality of Langedijk
2010 grow ups to japan, organisation groupexposition of 11 artists, japan
2011 street art, organisation groupexposition for Museum Hilversum
2011 scoto, artist in residence door kunstuitleen utrecht
2011 -12 Teacher at HKU the last semester of 2011 spatial design
2011-2012 Sketchdesign 100 meter artwork Gemeente Joure
2011-2012 Sketchdesign visbuurt, Jantje beton
2012 Projectmanager Artmarket Almere Center
2013 4 sculptures, Keukenhof
2013 Robot recycle sculptures, Vrede van Utrecht
2013 Cat play sculptures, Utrecht
2013 Artist in Residence, Sowing Seeds India
2014 Sketchdesign Art Zuid
2014 Wylde Fugels, 300 meters Art wall, Municipality Joure
2015 6 Sculptures for KIDD, City Hall, Almere
2015 -present Freelance teacher for Bonte Hond, KIDD, Almere
2015 -present Freelance teacherarchitecture, primary schools
2015 -present Freelance technics, primary schools
2016 CD-(RE)CYCLE, landscape artwork, Woest en Bijster, Bennekom
2016 Steel Sound Sculpture, Bombardon, Almere
2017 Giant Bubbles, installation for Pracht in de Gracht, Zaltbommel
2017 Design and styling theatre show De Aanbouw
2000 Solo exposition of etchings Galery Grietje Verweij, Amersfoort
2001 Exposition illustrations and photo’s of project ‘klanken in lombok’, Utrecht
2001 Exposition illustrations book ‘doe open zim zim’, Utrecht
2002/2006 Group exposition ‘ingekomen stukken’, Stroom the Hague
2003 Group exposition ‘year of the farm’ , Lisse
2004 ‘Kiln under the sea’ ceramic group exhibition, Karaada Kacakci Baai Bodrum, Turkey
2004 ‘Kiln under the sea’ ceramic group exposition at Huluk Elbe Art Galery Bodrum, Turkey
2004 Group exposition in Galata Istanbul, Turkey
2005 ‘Urban playground’, film presentation as a parallel project at the 9 th International Istanbul Biennial
2005 ‘Denizi Risirdik’ Turkisch House, Berlin, group exposition with ceramic pieces
2005-2009 ‘Art at the head of Lombok’, group exposition with installations
2006-2007 Many exhibitions for maNumaNu’s
2006 ‘Boulevard d’Unica’, group exposition newest works, Utrecht
2007 Slidesinstallation group exposition living from a suitcase , Museum Gorinchem
2007 eyelovecandy, group exposition, with installation
2010 grow ups to japan, group exposition with new objects for japan
2011 the manna factory, group exposition at projekt072
2011-2012 do it yourself, group exposition at villa zebra
2012 smaakexplosies group exposition
2012 Solo exposition at Artlease Den Helder and at Gallery Sjer Jacobs
2013 Keukenhof group exposition
2013 Sculpture Garden Beesel, group exposition
2013 Tegula Cultura, group exposition
2013 Waterballoon tree, group exposition , India
2014 Sketchdesign Art Zuid presentation at Vondelpark
2014 Wylde Fugels, 300 meters Art wall, Municipality Joure
2015 6 Sculptures for KIDD, City Hall, Almere
2016 CD-(RE)CYCLE, landscape artwork, Woest en Bijster, Bennekom
2016 Steel Sound Sculpture, Bombardon, Almere
2017 Giant Bubbles, installation for Pracht in de Gracht, Zaltbommel
  Articles and interviews:
2004 TV interview about exposition ‘kiln under the sea’ for the national turkish television channel
2005-2007 Several interviews in local papers Province of Flevoland about organised expositions in CBK-Flevoland
2005-2007 TV interview at omroep Flevoland about exhibition ‘the selection’
2005-2006 Several radiointerviews about exhibitions CBK-Flevoland for
2006 Article about woe ha’s at newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad and Eindhovens Dichterbij
2006 Article about woe ha’s at magazine Stedelijk Interieur and magazine Light
2006 Interview at website crasfygirls on maNumaNu’s
2005-2008 maNumaNu’s in different magazines
2007 TV interview at EDTV, interview of delivery waterspitters of woensXL
2007 Article about waterspitters at newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad and magazine Stedelijk Interieur
2007 Article about ‘living from a suitcase’ at newspaper Gorinchem
2007 Article about shipwreckproject at newspaper NRC
2008 Three page article in Limburg Dagblad, Fries Dagblad, about designs and manumanu
2011 Article Eigenhuis & Interieur in June
2011 Articles at local papers about artist & residence, Amadeus Lyceum
2011 publication reclaiming the streets ISBN 978 94 6083 042 6 the carcrashset
2016 Interview, at Algemeen Dagblad, Newspaper
2017 Article, at de Volkskrant, Newspaper
1996 Filmdocumention about musicfestival Lowlands for Municipality Dronten
1996-2000 Wallpaintings for several restaurants
2000 Illustrator for book ‘doe open zim zim’ in cooperation with studiofabriek
2000-2009 Illustrator for several weekly magazines
2007-2009 Illustrations jop en de schitterende schat in cooperation with studiofabriek